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"South of the Border" Mexican Food

Enjoy delectable tastes from Mexico when you come to El Tapatio #2! From individually served tacos to fajitas and enchiladas, we offer a wide range of Mexican food to please your palate. Our birria is unique and one of our best sellers, so visit us in Gaithersburg, Maryland, to bite into authentic Mexican food.

Taco Fillings:
Onions • Cilantro • Green Sauce • Tomatoes • Green Peppers
Beef • Pork • Tongue • Goat • Chicken

Fajita Fillings:
Chicken • Beef • Shrimp • Chicken, Beef, & Shrimp Combo • Tomatoes • Green Peppers • Onions
Served with Rice, Beans, Pico De Gallo, Sour Cream, & an Avocado Slice

Green, Red, & Enchiladas Poblanas

  • Stuffed with Chicken or Cheese
  • Served with Melted Cheese on Top
  • Come with Rice & Beans
  • Served with Lettuce or Sour Cream

Birria (Plate of Goat Meat)

  • Similar to Barbacoa, but Better
  • Special Sauce Included
  • Similar to Stew
  • Served with Rice, Beans, & a Handmade Tortilla

Meat Fillings Include Barbacoa, Beef, Chicken, & Pork • Other Fillings Include Rice, Beans, & Salsa

Choose mouthwatering Mexican food selections at our restaurant in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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